WGEI Workplan 2020 – 2022 Posted by WGEI On Jan 13, 2020

WGEI in its first six years of existence implemented 2 Workplans and made substantial progress in achieving the above objectives. WGEI is now embarking on its third Workplan which will cover the period 2020 – 2022. This Workplan will build on the achievements from the 2 previous Workplans, and introduce new projects aimed at achieving … Continue reading “WGEI Workplan 2020 – 2022”

WGEI Newsletter Issue No. 16 – January 2020 Posted by WGEI On Jan 6, 2020

The content of this newsletter Introduction About this issue Need to know Closer collaboration between EITI and SAIs How to conduct a “Lessons learned” – a practice note Lessons learned from conducting a “Lessons Learned” WGEI Workplan (2020-2022) Training Courses WGEI Training Courses Introduction About this issue:  Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the WGEI newsletter! … Continue reading “WGEI Newsletter Issue No. 16 – January 2020”