14th Meeting of the KSC Steering Committee, 12th to 14th September, 2022, Cairo, Egypt

Posted by intosai On Aug 25, 2022

The 14th INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Services – Goal 3 (KSC) Steering Committee Meeting will be held physically in the period from 12th to 14th September 2022 in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

This Meeting is of prime importance in view of the fact that a new INTOSAI Strategic Plan for the period 2023-28 is being finalized with new visions and priorities for the INTOSAI. In many ways the future role of INTOSAI and how KSC will position itself to support the renewed visions and priorities of the Organization shall be decided during our deliberations in this meeting.

KSC shall also review progress made by the working groups and project teams during the past year and discuss how our future operational plan should be formulated in alignment with the new Strategy of INTOSAI.

lt will also be an opportunity to learn about the initiatives and future plans of the Professional Standards Committee, the Capacity Building Committee, the INTOSAI Development Initiative and the IN TOSAI Journal for Government Auditing.

Members shaII aIso be briefed on financial matters and reporting dashboards of the Working Groups. The deliberations at the meeting will form the basis of the Goal-3 report to the INTOSAI Governing Board to be presented during XXIV INCOSAI that will be hosted by SAI Brazil during November this year.

Draft Agenda

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