Over 80 delegates from 20 member countries gathered in Mombasa-Kenya to attend the three day annual meeting event of WGEI whose main objective was to chart a way forward in auditing oil, gas and minerals. The Auditor General of Kenya Mr Edward Ouko who hosted the conference welcomed participants to Mombasa and appreciated the Chairperson … Continue reading “Three-day Annual WGEI meeting held in Mombasa (24th-26th August 2016)”

Building strong Institutions is vital to Natural Resource Management. Citizens are excited about the benefits that come along with oil discoveries at the same time elites are worried about the so called resource curse as it has been witnessed in some resource rich countries. This article, therefore demonstrates the role of the Supreme Audit institutions … Continue reading “The role of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in the Oil and Gas Sector (Integrating the EI value chain with the Oil and Gas activity chain)”

Mineral Resources in Uganda – Tin Posted by WGEI On Oct 24, 2016

Tin in Uganda is found in its ore known as cassiterite. It has a number of uses that include coating other metals to avoid rusting. It is used with lead to make solder and when it is mixed with copper it makes bronze. Tin was the first mineral to be mined in Uganda in 1927. … Continue reading “Mineral Resources in Uganda – Tin”

At the 3rd Annual WGEI Conference in Mombasa, the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) presented a proposed framework for developing guidance on how to approach Extractive Industry (EI) audits. The idea behind this guidance was to create an accessible starting point for someone unfamiliar with extractive industry audits. GAO is proposing to develop a … Continue reading “A Proposed Framework on How to approach Extractive Industry (EI) Audits”